The LMS Selection Checklist by Katrina Baker

The LMS Selection Checklist

Book Title: The LMS Selection Checklist

Publisher: Resources of Fun Learning

ISBN: 0986246905

Author: Katrina Baker

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Katrina Baker with The LMS Selection Checklist

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Create a tailored list of LMS selection criteria for your organization! Includes free document downloads!

Is your organization choosing a new learning management system?  Intended for training managers, LMS administrators, and other corporate folks, The LMS Selection Checklist provides a list of system features and criteria to help your organization identify the correct learning management system.  Don't interview an LMS vendor without this book!


  • LMS features your training department will love!
  • Questions your organization should ask to avoid LMS snafus.
  • Details to incorporate into your LMS implementation plans.

Use The LMS Selection Checklist to:

  • Guide internal discussions regarding what your organization needs from an LMS.
  • Ask targeted questions during exploratory calls with prospective LMS vendors.
  • Brainstorm about your organization’s unique LMS and e-learning needs.
  • Create a Request for Proposal (RFP) document for vendors to submit to your organization.